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Food Pyramid for Kids - Facts & Tips

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Are you a parent that wishes to increase the amount of healthy food your child eats? If do then you are a proactive parent that understands the vital importance of improving your child’s nutrition. So, in order to provide the much needed boost to your kids nutrition, you will need to take the necessary steps to learn about the food pyramid for kids. This means you need to discover which specific food groups kids need to eat on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy diet. Don’t worry about the research process into the food pyramid for kids. It is pretty simple and entails the following:

THE GRAINS: This group is the prime source of healthy energy for our kids provided the carbs come from bread, pastas, along with potatoes.

Tips: use whole grains such as enriched wheat bread, such items rich with fiber and protein needed for a healthy kid’s diet.

 Stay away from processed carb items such as potato chips which as loaded with empty calories and soaked in bad frying oils.

Monitor your kids Carbs eating. Consuming too much carbs tern those into surplus sugar that tern into fat and this bring obesity. 

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Is it any surprise that fruits and vegetables made it to the list? Fruits and vegetables are PACKED with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Such items can speed up the metabolism which also reducing the potential for diabetes and heart disease. One way to make sure your kids get an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables would be to add vegetables to every meal and replace sweet desserts with fruits.

Tips: It is much better to serve actual whole fruits as a source of nutrients as opposed to juice. The reason for this is that the number of nutrients in juices is rather limited.

 PROTEIN: Make sure your kids are always getting an adequate supply of protein. This way, the cells of the body function properly and muscle will be able to repair itself. In a similar vein, you would want to add a limited amount of dairy to a kid’s diet since it contains calcium which is vital for teeth and bone health.

 Keep in mind the fact that your selections of sources for protein and dairy need to be the right ones. That means you need to use whole milk and low fat cheese for food sources as opposed to half and half and fatty cream cheeses. Stick with lean meats, chicken, and fish, use eggs perfectly boiled for your protein source. All mention are filled with iron which helps the blood stimulating while also contributing to lean muscle mass development.

 What else should you incorporate into a quality diet for your kids? How about high protein low fat foods? Does this seem like a little bit “too basic”? If it does that is a good thing because the basics are often the best way to go when it comes to improving overall diet health and efficiency. In some instances, vegetable based proteins such as beans, soy beans, lentil and dry peas make the perfect alternative to meat protein. Again, these are high protein low fat foods that also provide a solid supply of fiber to the mix which can certainly prove to be beneficial.

Tips: Beans, lean meat and low fat dairy are the 'gate guards' against obesity – use them on a daily basis.

 VEGETABLE BASED FATS AND OILS: Not all oils and fats come from animals. Vegetable, olive, and canola oil are much healthier alternatives to traditional fatty oils. And speaking of good fats, children can get an adequate supply of healthy fats from nuts, sesame, and avocados. They are filled with all manner of nutrients and vitamins which boost healthy significantly.

Tips: When it comes to the GOOD oils in the food pyramid for kids, try to use them for flavoring. When cooking with them don't soak food in them and cook them as little as you can. You don’t want all the oil to convert to TRANS fat (a good oil result creates by reaching its smoke tempter) that lacks the ability to properly dissolve in the body.

SUGARY FOODS, DRINKS, AND SNACKS: Why are these part of the pyramid? Well, kids will eat their jams, cakes, cookies and sodas and the main point here is to keep them to the bare minimum. They are excruciatingly low on vitamins and fiber and filled with saturated fat and empty calories.

Tips: If it's inevitable! Try to eat -Home Made- cookies and cakes.

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